The MIS Group have donated £2000 to the National Energy Action (NEA)

In support of International Day of Charity on Monday 5th September 2022, the MIS Group have donated £2000 to the .

With this donation we are helping NEA continue to provide life-changing advice, income maximisation support and campaigning so everyone can afford to live in a warm and safe home.

National Energy Action (NEA)

NEA is the leading fuel poverty charity working in England, Northern Ireland and Wales to:

  • Relieve poverty and preserve and protect health by promoting the efficient use of energy for low-income and other vulnerable households
  • Advance public education about all aspects of energy conservation and the efficient use of energy
  • Promote or assist in promoting, vocational training for those employed in the delivery of energy efficiency services.

The key beneficiaries of NEA’s work are low-income and other vulnerable households, in particular the elderly, families with young children and those living with a long-term illness in poorly insulated and under-heated properties. Additionally, agencies which support those groups benefit from NEA’s services.


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