MIS Emergency Systems

The #1 supplier of CAD systems to the UK & Ireland

MIS Emergency Systems proudly work with many of the world’s largest, best performing, and innovative Ambulance Services, offering a unique combination of 999, 111 and Patient Transport systems called TriPath.

Our experience in the industry goes back more than 40 years and with three ex-Ambulance personnel on staff, we have 80 years of combined front-line Operational and Ambulance Project experience; as such we fully understand the degree of commitment, adaptability, and dynamism required to assist the Emergency Services.

Amongst the many implementations undertaken over those 40 years, there are four national CADs within the UK and Ireland, as well as the busiest individual English Trust outside London.
Our dynamic and open approach to development of our products keeps our customers well served in partnership, and us firmly ahead of our competitors, with MIS perpetually re-investing significant sums on R&D.

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