The MIS Group

MIS aims to combine a great user experience with the innovation that our customers want and deserve from a first-class supplier.

We don’t rely on buzz words or the traditional misnomers of the IT sector. We focus on delivering quality outcomes with an embedded approach to ISO standards (9001 and 27001 accredited).

Get in touch today to find out how we can help you evolve your business by streamlining your IT infrastructures.

The MIS Group Companies

MIS Emergency Systems have over 25 years of experience. As such, we fully understand the degree of commitment, ability to react to change, and the support that is required to assist the Emergency Medical Services.

MIS Active Housing Management provides users with the most advanced housing solutions available. Our systems are designed to have the flexibility that our customers rightfully expect to fit their needs today and into the future.

Incline-IT currently focus on supporting our existing markets for Housing and Emergency Systems. We believe our services and focus on business problems, rather than just IT, is an approach which is transferrable both the public and private sectors.


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