MIS Group Scholarship Opens Doors for Aspiring Paramedic

Andy and Chris McLaughlin, co-owners of MIS Group, recently visited Keele University to meet the first recipient of the Stewart McLaughlin Scholarship they established last year. The scholarship, named after their father and company founder, Stewart McLaughlin, covers accommodation costs for a paramedic science student.

Prof. Peter Coventry, Dean of the Medical School, welcomed Andy and Chris, who expressed the university’s gratitude. “The MIS’s generosity opens doors for talented students who may otherwise have to forego their ambitions due to financial constraints,” Prof. Peter Coventry said. “We’re proud to partner with businesses like the MIS Group to remove those barriers.”

Chris McLaughlin reflected on their motivations: “Over 40 years ago, our father took a chance launching his own IT company from the ground up. We wanted to honour his pioneering spirit by paying the support forward.”

They had the chance to meet Ruardaidh Collar, the scholarship recipient. “This scholarship has really helped me,” Collar shared. “It’s allowing me to fully devote myself to my studies without the distraction of worrying about living costs.”

Beyond scholarships, MIS Group offers graduates progression paths through graduate positions and potential jobs. This focus on nurturing young talent ensures a pipeline of skilled professionals for the future. Andy McLaughlin elaborated, “By investing in scholarships and fostering talent, we aim to attract the most promising young individuals to MIS.”


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